Andrew Clarke

systems architect, internet developer, team leader

Andrew Clarke


This is a partial list of current and past clients.  In addition to the examples below, I have also worked on sites for BMW, Canada Post, CBC, Cuisinart, Jarden Corporation, Jiffy Lube, Kelloggs, Miele, RIM, Shell, Via Rail, and many others.

TELUS Security Solutions

TELUS is Canada's third largest telecommunications company.  I assembled and manage a team that provides 24/7/365 support to two TELUS Security products. We support complex, PCI-compliant systems to ensure that the web applications stay up . I provide project management as well as programming of new features using ColdFusion and MS SQL Server.

City of Guelph, ON Canada

As senior technical/web architect, I provided recommendations, system architecture and an implementation plan for the city's new web infrastructure.  I provided sample system architectures and cost/benefit analyses of in-house (VMware) vs. Amazon EC2 cloud-based solutions.  Based on my recommendations, the City chose a high-availability, geographically redundant solution.  I provided the systems architecture and implementation plan for this solution, completing the project ahead of time and under budget.


I used ColdFusion and MySQL to develop a powerful automatic forms generator for Inovant, a division of Visa, to provide services to their member banks.

AT&T Wireless

I built intranet tools for AT&T Wireless to identify and reduce customer turnover (churn). My tools for this project were ColdFusion and Oracle.


T-Online is one of Europe's largest ISPs, and is a division of Deutsche Telekom. I was hired to manage a project to integrate a VPN into T-Online's service and to build tools to use the VPN through T-Online's interface. I brought a small team together, managed the project and assisted in development to successfully complete the project. This project used Java/J2EE.

The Marco Corporation

The Marco Corporation is one of Canada's leading order fulfillment companies.  They count among their clients many of the world's most recognizable brands.  Following are some of my accomplishments:

  • Providing ongoing senior-level strategic guidance across many aspects of IT,
  • Architected and developed improved software development lifecycle,
  • Provided recommendations on hardware, software, network redundancy, software design and development,
  • Security audit of web systems,
  • Trained staff on object-oriented development, 3-tier systems and other subjects,
  • Identified an opportunity and implemented a project using an open source application server stack to save tens of thousands of dollars in license fees.


As an employee of Autobytel in 2005, I performed research and development on their keywords bidding engine. Autobytel bids on millions of keyword combinations and has a large budget allocated to this end. As such, they have a very complex engine to determine their return on investment for each keyword group, and automatically change bid values accordingly. I learned a lot about how Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture work. I also developed new techniques at Autobytel to make their sites more indexable by search engines to boost their organic search results. I believe that the road to long term, sustained success with this process is by using ethical methods to make a site relevant and easily indexable.

Web Objects

I built several intranet applications for Web Objects.

Trike Systems / MedManager Interactive

I have worked on several of Trike's client's sites. This includes developing complex reporting tools for Canada's Technology Triangle, developing tools and modules for MicoHealth, a chronic diseases management tool, and building a content management system for another client.