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Andrew Clarke

A customer comment regarding

I needed to tell you that you have, by far, the best website that I have ever visited. ... Was easy to see all that you offer. My aunt lives in California. I will send her your way if she needs it...

I am a programmer/web developer, so I had to comment.

Lisa G.® is a very successful e-commerce site selling Hardwood & Laminate floors and Area Rugs. I designed and developed and was responsible for most technical aspects of the site until it merged with in 2004.  During my time with, I saw it grow to the point where daily revenue was larger than the initial development cost.

This page was written while I was still working on  Some of the content may seem dated but please remember I worked on this between 1998 and 2004 so keep that in context!


  • ColdFusion: The entire site is written in ColdFusion. The live server currently uses ColdFusion 5 although we are planning on moving it first to ColdFusion MX and then possibly to CFMX for J2EE.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server is the database of choice for this client. The site currenly uses MS SQL 7 & 2000. We utilize stored procedures, views, triggers, and other features.
  • Windows 2000 & 2003 Advanced Server: All Floorshop Servers currently run Windows although the site also runs fully on ColdFusion for Linux.
  • Java: Java is used for a variety of tasks, ranging from administrtative functions to integral parts of the site. Because ColdFusion and Java integrate so well, we are able to easily develop parts of the site in either language, depending on which is better for a specific task.

Cool Features

Customers can search for products according to width and height range, price range, shape and collection name. This allows customers to to easily narrow down the the more than 20,000 rugs for sale on the site.

Full-Featured Administrative Interface

In addition to the various features customers see, we have also developed a full-featured Administrative Interface. Administrators have full control over the site's content, with the ability to add, edit and remove products, update the HTML on almost any page, add new HTML pages, edit shipping and freight pricing, set product and shipping discounts based upon total order amount and the customer's location, edit, reassign and delete quotes and orders, and much much more. We even developed different administration levels so that customer service representatives, for instance, can be allowed to administer quotes and orders without having access to product administration tools. This has empowered our client to make changes to the site as they see fit, on their schedule, freeing us up to do what we do best - developing world-class database-driven e-commerce sites!

Shipping & Freight Calculations

Through a series of complex algorithms, each order is either sent via conventional shipping, or through one of several commercial freight companies. Orders can also be shipped from one of several locations, thereby providing lower prices and faster delivery for customers. Additionaly, customers also have the capability of picking up their order from a local warehouse if they require. Through our delivery of these options, is able to provide a wide variety of shipping and pickup locations to their customers.