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Reception link

Reception update

16:32: The reception seems to be running a few minutes late.  When things are getting started, I'll post a link to the feed.

Post-wedding, pre-reception update

So, here's a big apology about the problems with the live feed for the wedding.  Despite many tests, several problems converged right at the time the wedding started.  If you missed part of the wedding, you can still see almost all of it between the two links below: (action starts about 6:30)

For the reception, I might need to post a new link instead of the original one below.  Please check back on this page before the reception starts around 16:15-16:30.

Thank you!



Fourth link: worst tech problems:


THIRD link: Sorry everyone!


Update: there will be a new link for the wedding (and reception probably).  New wedding link:



Hello everyone.  I have created two live streams for the upcoming wedding:


All times referenced are in our local time zone, EDT.  This is five hours behind the UK and six hours behind mainland Europe.  The wedding is due to start at 14:00 and the live stream will start some time between 13:30 and 14:00.  I will shut it off around the time the wedding is over and photographs are starting.  The reception is due to start around 16:30, so the second live stream will start some time between 16:00-16:30 and will end when speeches and thank-yous are complete.

The videos are served through Youtube and should be easy to use.  However, things can go wrong.  If something goes wrong and I need to change a link for a video or something like that, I will update this page so if things aren’t working for you it’s worth checking here for updated information.

Please let me know if you have any questions,
- Andrew Clarke.