Andrew Clarke

systems architect, internet developer, team leader

Andrew Clarke


You can download my résumé in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

What I do:

I architect & create secure, scalable and useful internet applications.  I make smart business decisions, lead people and projects, develop databases and write code.


  • Tactful and experienced team leader
  • Calm and reasonable in tense situations
  • Realistic and optimistic
  • Willing to make hard decisions
  • Resourceful and creative
  • Motivated to drive company success
  • Technically capable and business-focused
  • Experienced across a wide range of industries
  • Full software development lifecycle experience.  Will see a project through to success.

Experience highlights


Director of Engineering

Managing technology from startup through to successful profitable company.

Leading a development team distributed across two continents.

Produced a crowdfunding site built on Mogiv’s payment processing engine.

Migrated to Amazon AWS: decreased cost, increased uptime & geographical redundancy.

Integrated with multiple payment processors for increased stability, redundancy and profit while processing hundreds of thousands of donations.

Created successful SMS text-to-give product.

Keeping security a priority for our customers’ financial data.

City of Guelph

Senior technical/web architect for the City of Guelph, ON Canada.

Developed high availability, geographically redundant web server architecture and implementation plan for the City.

Provided cost/benefit and risk analyses of in-house (VMware) vs. cloud-based hosting for City sites.


Architected & developed a powerful PCI compliance forms generator.

Developed from the founder’s idea into a successful, high-volume e-commerce site, over six years.

Scaled successfully from a startup to 8 figures in annual sales without a significant rewrite.

Managed most technical aspects of the site until it was acquired in 2004.


Conceptualized, designed & built a product providing processing power to financial markets.

Bullhive uses Amazon’s cloud (EC2 & Route 53) to spin up and down extra CPU cycles on demand.

TELUS Security Solutions

Provided & managed a team supporting 24x7 uptime to TELUS security products.

Supported complex PCI-compliant web systems architectures.

The Marco Corporation

Provided senior-level strategic guidance across many aspects of IT.

Architected & developed improved software development lifecycle.

Provided recommendations on hardware, software, network redundancy, and software design & development.

Security audit of web systems.

Trained staff on object oriented development, 3-tier systems, and other subjects,

Identified an opportunity and implemented a project using an open source application server stack to save tens of thousands of dollars in license fees.

Igloo Software

I was brought in to solve a specific uptime issue.  I resolved the problem in < 45 minutes and worked with them for another year.

I kept an outdated, inherited, undocumented web system, relied upon daily by over 100,000 worldwide users, running until we could migrate it to its new owner.


Designed, architected, project managed and/or developed many other e-commerce systems with up to millions of products (i.e. entire ISBN, CD and movie catalogues).

Created open source dynamic ORM (object relationship mapping) CRUD (create/read/update/delete) scaffolding tool for CFML (ColdFusion markup language).  Wrote ColdFusion’s implementation for Amazon’s Route 53 DNS provider and released it as open source.


University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

1991 - 1996

  • Honours Co-operative Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering